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Visit, enjoy, and return to enrich your life and become a part of beautiful Cartagena on the Caribbena.

Cartagena with its ancient walls and Colonial Balconies creates a feeling of history, excitement and romance like no other city in the Hemisphere.

Come and enjoy the our warmth and sea air, where each day is special. welcomes our English speaking clients and friends to Cartagena, Colombia. We want you to feel comfortable in your native language as you search for a wide variety of realty options available in Cartagena.

Compared to what you may be used to, Cartagena real estate costs are 40-70% LESS, on a square foot basis! This is also true regarding real estate commissions which average 3%, or about one half of other countries. PLUS, a typical food basket will cost 37% LESS than what's available in Florida. Cartagena also has a deserved reputation for offering excellent medical and dental services, again at great savings, AND with much more personal attention than the medical profession up north has time to offer.

So relax, determine what your looking for, and use the Bcc: feature (Blind Carbon Copy) of E-Mail to send identical E-Mail inquiries to as many Cartagena real estate companies as you wish. They will not know who you sent your E-Mails to, but you will be able to judge by the quickness and completeness of their response, which company(s) you may want to work with.

Check out their Home Pages. They are fast loading, bi-lingual, with photos and complete contact information.

MONEY SAVING TAX TIP: Don't forget to establish E-Mail contact with a Cartagena real estate professional BEFORE you visit our city. If you check with your tax accountant or CPA, you will learn that this can be an important step in establishing that part of your trip expenses were deductible from your taxes as a legitimate Business Expense.

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Scrolling Panorama of the ancient Walled City of Cartagena de Indias